Episode is a ceramic design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. We have been involved with both small and large scale projects. Ranging from one-off designs for a specific situation, to collaborated pieces installed in large quantity. Primarily working with lighting, we have thrived on relationships that connect ideas with an open mind to what we can create together.
Focused on the simplicity of everyday interaction, the ceramics are made with detail and attention to both the physical and mental energy they carry. The process to create each piece is embraced by the contrast of spontaneity and precision, bringing the effect an object can have on its surroundings to the forefront. Balancing traditional techniques with modern tones, each object aims to be both familiar and interesting. 

Studio Visits by Appointment

We are conveniently located in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges and not far from the Navy Yards. If you are interested in visiting to see what’s in stock, conferring about a possible project, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are happy to hear what you might have in mind.