All of the pieces created are originally hand-built, either turned on the wheel or built with slabs or coils. If it is put into production we will make a plaster mold of the shape to then slip-cast the piece. This process involves pouring liquid clay in the molds that dry out leaving the shell of the shape. With this method we are able to achieve consistency in size and shape of each piece.
After they are slip cast, we trim the seams and clean the surfaces. They go into the kiln for a bisque fire, then are spray glazed and go in for a second firing to up to 2300 degrees fahrenheit. Once the pieces come out of the second firing, they get assembled with hardware. Following the hardware they are brought to the Maximum Henry leather shop in Long Island City, Queens to be fitted with a custom leather base bottom. These leather bottoms are upcycled scraps used from remaining sheets of leather. They are cut, dyed, and burnished before being attached to the bottom of the lamp. 
  Lastly your lamp will arrive with a handmade shade by Fenchel Shades, in Wisconsin. Dedicated to the craft, these lampshades are top quality and built to last. They have dozens of different swatches for material, so if you are looking for something beyond what is displayed on our site, please feel free to take a look at their options and we can coordinate it to be purchased with your lamp.