Brick Lamp
5’’ x 5’’ x 15’’ 
$1,450 USD 
6 week lead time

Designed in collaboration with Friends of Form. 

Delicate counterbalances and meticulously calculated angles imbue the pieces with a sense of fluidity, as if they were in a constant dance with the surrounding environment. This dynamic quality echoes the way in which natural phenomena such as wind and water interact with architectural structures, shaping and influencing their form over time.

Each shape consists of intersecting geometric shapes, reminiscent of the sturdy framework of architectural constructions. These shapes seamlessly merge and intertwine, creating a visually compelling network of lines and angles. Each component of the sculpture appears to support the others, forming a cohesive whole that exudes strength and stability.

The interplay of light and shadow serves to highlight the intricate details of the lamps design, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between solidity and transience in both the built environment and the natural world.

Spec sheets upon request. 

Coupe Lamp
16’’ x 16’’ x 16’’
$1,850 USD
6 week lead time