Designer: POST Company
Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Scope: Bedside wall sconces for each room and a few table lamps throughout
Year: 2023

MOLLIE is based in the early history of Aspen in more than its name. The building is inspired by Bauhaus artist and architect Herbert Bayer, who in 1946, was avidly recruited by Walter Paepcke and his wife Elizabeth to help implement their vision of Aspen as a special community organized around art and culture. Bayers influence on Aspen is evident today in his architectural designs for numerous prominent institutions in the city. MOLLIE’s essence is an homage to the work of Bayer.

MOLLIE's interiors are subtly inspired by the Aspen tradition of being firmly grounded while gazing abroad. The property holds a quiet confidence and commitment to a reduction of excess with interiors that thoughtfully utilize native materials from Aspen and the wider Western region, accentuated with natural woods, earthen ceramics, and hand-dyed textiles.